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Research Program

The Austrian LEAD Study

The Austrian LEAD Study (Lung, Heart, social, Body)–
A longitudinal study investigating health challenges in Pulmonology

While data for mortality and morbidity of COPD is missing in Austria, a recent cross­sectional study in the city of Salzburg, Austria showed that the overall prevalence of GOLD stage I or higher COPD was 26.1% (similar for women and men). Moreover this study revealed that the prevalence of GOLD stage II or higher COPD was 10.7% and 1% of the population met the criteria for GOLD stage III or IV. Although the study protocol showed limitations, e.g male and female were older than 40 years, this investigation emphasised the impact of this disease in Austria.

Pulmonary Epidemiology

  1. The natural history of airflow obstruction revisited: An analysis of the Framingham Offspring cohort
  2. Investigations/Publications in collaboration with other institutes/investigator Investigating the natural history of lung function: facts, pitfalls and opportunities

Systemic effects of COPD

Cardio Vasulare effects of COPD

1. Endothelial dysfunction is impaired in COPD
2. Endothelial dysfunction and systemic inflammation in patients with acute 
    exacerbations of obstructive pulmonary disease
3. Longitudinal study of endothelial function in COPD
4. Hyperinfation altered cardiac filling and systemic inflammation
5. Systemic inflammation in COPD