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Structure and organisation

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for COPD and Respiratory Epidemiology, initiated in 2002, is located at the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Otto Wagner Hospital, Vienna, with the aim to encourage clinical and translational research within the Competence Center of Pulmonology in Vienna. Within the last two years the LBI-COPD comprised 1 head, 3 group leaders, 5 research fellows, 4 research associates, and 1 secretarial assistance. Head and Group leaders are employees of and payed by the City of Vienna and are staff members at the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine with specific scientific interest in various aspects of COPD.

Main focus of the LBI – COPD within the last years was a) to study different aspects of COPD as a systemic disease with its substantial comorbidities, particularly focusing on cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and sleep as well as b) identifying non pharmacological treatment options to improve quality of life in COPD c) to initiate pulmonary epidemoplogy within the LBI for COPD.

Therefore, three research groups, focusing on translational and clinical research in the field of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), were assembled. Four research groups work together in three programme lines. Programme line 1 focuses on systemic effects of COPD (Cardiovascular effects of COPD, Metabolic syndrome and COPD, Systemic inflammation in COPD, Effects of COPD on sleep). Programme Line 2 deals with investigations related to therapeutic interventions in COPD (Rehabilitation, invasive and non invasive ventilation, Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction).Recently a new Programme line (Programme Line 3) focusing on pulmonary epidemiology, was etablished.