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Therapeutic interventions in COPD

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

1. Nordic Walking Improves Daily Physical Activities in COPD - a Randomised
    Controlled Trial
2. COPD and Long-term Oxygen Therapy: Influence of a standardized training

Effects of Ventilatory Support on COPD

1. Multicenter NIV Study
2. Ventilatory support in COPD patients who remain hypercapnic after one   
    episode of acute respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventrialation
3. Classification of weaning from mechanical ventilation
4. Physiological effects of extracorporeal CO2 removal in hypercapnic COPD
    patients with actue respiratory failure - COPDECAP study


Bronchosopic lung volume reduction in patients with COPD

1. Endobronchial Valve for Emphysema PalliatioN Trial (VENT)
2. the “EASE trial: A Randomized, Double-blind Study to Evaluate the Safety and
     Effectiveness of the Exhale Drug-Eluting Stent in Homogeneous
     Emphysema Subjects with Severe Hyperinflation (EASE)”