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Systemic effects of COPD

Cardio Vasulare effects of COPD

1. Endothelial dysfunction is impaired in COPD
2. Endothelial dysfunction and systemic inflammation in patients with acute 
    exacerbations of obstructive pulmonary disease
3. Longitudinal study of endothelial function in COPD
4. Hyperinfation altered cardiac filling and systemic inflammation
5. Systemic inflammation in COPD
6. Potential cardiovascular side effect of bronchodilators in COPD
7. Left ventrucular filling is impaired in COPD
8. Effects of ROFLUMILAST on markers of subclinical atherosclerosis In stable
    COPD; the ELASTIC-trail


Sleep in COPD

1. Sleep profiles in COPD patients with different severity


Cerebral effects of COPD

1. Anxiety and depression in COPD


Metabolism and COPD

1. Body Composition and Systemic Inflammation in COPD Highly elevated
    C-reactive protein levels in obese patients with COPD: a fat Chance?
2. Adipokines and Systemic Inflammation in COPD (Gender related differences
    of circulating leptin in COPD
3. Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with COPD